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iT Services 2 (iT2) is a consulting firm specializing in providing Platinum-level technology services since the mid-80s. iT2 is a woman-owned consulting firm that is made up of experienced professionals possessing an average of more than 15 years experience. The owners have over 70 years combined experience in this industry.

Continuous Improvement

At iT2, we have a continuous improvement philosophy that permeates throughout the organization. Each process strives for Best Practices and an acute understanding of practice excellence. As SAP evolves and develops its software solutions, we must also evolve our service offerings. We don’t wait for a requirement. As we see market trends we anticipate the needs of our clients and build on our service capabilities, such as Remote Services, Partnerships with Specialty Software Vendors, and Partnerships with Specialized Service Providers.


At iT2, our relationships set us apart. Our approach to customer care is such that many of our client relationships start months and years before we actually engage with them. We invest for the long-term assisting our clients before, during, and after engaging with us. That approach to relationships also extends to our SAP resources. Recruiting, to iT2, is a long term relationship that includes hiring, training, supporting, and maintaining our relationships with our Consultants before, during and after each engagement.


At iT2, we position ourselves as advisors to our clients. SAP is a long-term investment for our clients, and we understand that there will be times when our clients will want to engage our services and times when there are no active projects. We position ourselves to be an SAP information resource to our clients regardless of where they are in the product life cycle. For our customers, our value position is our prices. By keeping our rates sensible, we offer market and above market compensation to our consultants while delivering great value to our clients. A true win-win-win!

IT2 Team

Lynne McGrew


Dan McGrew

iT2 Achieves WBENC and WOSB Certifications

Chris Chaney

Director Professional Services and AMS

Kristie Jurca

Office Manager

Julie Bobo


Don Hoogland

Director, Business Development
iT2 Achieves WBENC and WOSB Certifications

Jerry Jimenez

Sr. SAP Project Executive

Paul Kimball

Director, Business Development

Dawn Crawford

Sr SAP Recruiter

Morgan Gingrich

Sr SAP Recruiter
iT2 Achieves WBENC and WOSB Certifications

Frederick Obert

Sr SAP Recruiter

Pam Parker

Sr SAP Recruiter

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IT2 History

Value-driven approach
Top 5% industry talent
Cost-effective rates
Talent-to-project matching
In 1996 the owners formed iT Services Inc. (ITSI), which provided SAP consulting services often in direct competition with the former “Big Five” (now “Big Four”) accounting/consulting firms. Our mission at the time was to apply the customer-focused, value-driven approach to our own project solutions that our team had learned from their Big Five roots, but with an important distinction: unlike the “backing up the school bus” approach most companies experienced from the Big 5, we offered the same level of SAP talent – including the top 5% of talent in the industry – both at cost-effective rates and with better talent-to-project matching, thus providing more value for the investment of our clients.
ITSI had grown its SAP consulting staff to nearly 200 when the company was acquired by DPRC (Data Processing Resources Corporation), who within three months announced their being acquired by Compuware. At that time the owners departed, and following the expiration of their non-compete agreements, they started iT Services 2 (iT2) in 2007.

iT2’s philosophy has not changed from its ITSI days: we continue to offer high-quality consulting services for all levels and modules of SAP solutions at cost-effective pricing, thereby giving our clients a clear alternative to the Big Four consulting firms.