SAP outsourcing is when a business hires a third party to assist with the SAP projects. This practice is worthwhile for many business owners. SAP is a powerful tool, but you need someone with expertise to help you make the most of it.

Even businesses with an in-house SAP expert are outsourcing. That’s because the outsourced team offers a great pair of extra hands to help your in-house expert get more done. All of this might have you wondering what you can do with SAP outsourcing services.

This article is here to answer that question. We’ll explain what an SAP outsourcing partner can do, how they do it, and how to find the right one. 

How SAP Outsourcing Works

There are a few varieties of SAP outsourcing. Businesses require help with different aspects of their SAP system, so a wide range of professionals can be outsourced. 

A few options are:

  • SAP developers
  • SAP consultants
  • SAP administrators
  • Support specialists
  • Quality assurance specialists

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No matter their role, most outsourced SAP professionals deliver their services in a similar way.

  1. The outsourced partner learns about your specific requirements, such as the SAP modules you use or amount of the customization you require.
  2. They design or help you plan SAP solutions that work with your requirements.
  3. Any new solutions are tested before they’re rolled out.
  4. If your new SAP solution is good to go, your partner will help you implement it.
  5. An SAP partner can continue to assist you with ongoing support and maintenance post-implementation. 

SAP Outsourcing Trends

As SAP evolves, so does outsourcing. More business owners looking to outsource are asking about the following trends. 

Cloud-based ERP Solutions

According to Google, there has already been a 33% increase in cloud migrations in 2023 compared to 2022. SAP systems are no different. There is an increasing demand for outsourced data migration experts. 

Artificial Intelligence

It’s hard to look anywhere without people talking about AI. In the SAP world, business owners are seeking professionals who can integrate AI into their ERP systems. The purpose of this is usually to automate route work, quickly identify data patterns, or deploy chatbots.


As businesses expand, there’s been an increased demand for SAP providers that can support multiple languages, currencies, and laws. This has increased SAP global support outsourcing and a need for developers who can work with multilingual platforms.

Risk Management

Businesses are increasingly dependent on technology and cyberattacks are rising. This combination has caused a spike in demand for outsourced SAP security services. This could include security engineers or consultants who can advise on the best security solutions.

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What an SAP Partner Can Do

Once you’ve found the right partner, they’ll bring a lot of benefits. 

To name a few:

Fresh Perspectives

Getting a second opinion helps with anything. Outsourced SAP experts can provide that for your ERP. This will help you learn more about SAP and stay ahead of emerging trends. Both of which can offer you a significant competitive advantage.

More Time for Business Operations

Your partner could take care of day-to-day tasks that come with managing an SAP system. This gives you more time to work on other initiatives. That added time quickly leads to increased productivity and profitability.

Faster Digital Transformation

SAP is geared towards making digital transformation easier. Their RISE with SAP package is specifically designed for this purpose. Outsourcing SAP project managers puts an expert at the helm of your initiative. This enhances an already powerful digital transformation project. 

Reduced Risk of Errors

Trusting an expert with your ERP reduces the risk of errors in your business processes. A good partner can identify potential problems and mitigate them before they occur. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and downtime. 

What to Ask Potential Consultants

If you’re ready to get started, try our handy checklist of questions to ask a potential outsourced SAP partner.

✔️What types of SAP projects have you worked on?
✔️What experience do you have implementing SAP solutions?
✔️What methodologies and tools do you use when working on SAP projects?
✔️What is your experience with SAP system testing and quality assurance?
✔️What specific SAP modules are you experienced in implementing or managing?
✔️How do you ensure data integrity and accuracy in SAP systems?
✔️Have you worked with businesses in our industry before?
✔️Have you worked with other software or systems that integrate with SAP? If so, which ones?
✔️How do you stay up-to-date with the latest SAP technologies and industry trends?
✔️Can you provide references from past clients or projects?

Use a Consulting Firm to Find High-Quality Partners 

Shopping for SAP consultants is time-consuming. Worse yet, it’s hard to know their quality until you actually talk to them. Scheduling a conversation with a candidate who turns out to be lackluster is a disappointing waste of time. 

An SAP staffing firm can help. Shop through a prescreened candidate pool so you know every potential partner is worth their salt. The conversation becomes about finding the right business fit, not finding someone with strong expertise.

iT Services 2 is dedicated to matching businesses with the perfect SAP partner. We take the time to pinpoint your business needs so you can find the right fit sooner. We also work with consultants in US time zones so you won’t struggle to connect.

Reach out for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.