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Go beyond consultants who merely manage your SAP applications. Seek strategic partners who offer insights and recommendations that drive long-term business transformation.

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Save hours each workday and enhance how you use your SAP solution with application managed services.

Why get your SAP application managed services from iT2?

  • Optimize your SAP operations by leveraging iT2’s 16+ years of industry experience.
  • Eliminate communication delays with iT2 providing SAP AMS support from consultants in your time zone.
  • Drive your business forward with iT2’s tailored SAP AMS strategies, focused on your business needs.
  • Tap into iT2’s vast network of over 30k US-based consultants for rapid solutions to any SAP challenge.
  • Work with only the best since iT2 only uses Platinum, Senior, and Principal-level consultants.

SAP application managed services (AMS) can transform your business processes. They lead to more efficient operations, less downtime, and a better user experience. Harness this potential and so much more by partnering with experts from iT2.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Maximize your ERP system’s value while minimizing unneeded expenses by leveraging iT2’s SAP expertise.

Tech Enhancement

Elevate your existing SAP systems by tapping into a reservoir of professionals who bring innovation and optimization to the forefront.

Stay Up-to-Date

Get the latest SAP features and improvements immediately with a team who stays on top of every new update.

Seamless Scalability

Ensure a smooth end-user experience no matter what changes you face with outsourced experts who can scale your system with ease.

Rapid SAP Support

Reduce your ERP’s downtime with a group of SAP veterans on standby and ready to help you solve any system hiccup.

Proactive System Monitoring

Prevent potential issues before they arise by letting us monitor your SAP landscape and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Data Integrity

Trust your data’s accuracy with a managed application team that implements rigorous checks to ensure data consistency and reliability.

System Integration

Make sure your SAP applications work in harmony with other business tools by leaving integration to the experts.

SAP Security

Fortify your SAP system’s security with a managed application team who can run in-depth checks and monitor for unusual activity.


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Don’t Let Operational Efficiency Slip Away

Reach out to iT2’s expert SAP consultants and see what you might have been missing.

What iT2 Has to Offer

SAP AMS Services

Tailored Application Maintenance and Support Services

Your business processes are unique, so no doubt your application portfolios will be too. You could have an out-of-the-box SAP S/4HANA suite or you could have a wide array of in-house custom solutions.

In either case, you need an SAP AMS partner who can rise to the challenge of managing both.

That’s why iT2’s consultants are focused on getting to know the ins-and-outs of your business early on in our engagement. We want to make sure that all the advice we give actually makes sense for your organization.

Having the latest solutions is great, but how helpful will that be if it doesn’t fit your operations? We want to strike a balance of both.

Take Back Your Work Hours

The average employee spends 22.5 hours per year trying to learn how to use a software application. This includes brand new apps and old ones that went through major updates.

Expert application managers who get to know your business can help you cut that time down to size. When we understand your business needs, in-house expertise, and how to enhance the user experience, everyone spends less time fighting difficult applications.

That means you can reclaim those 22.5 hours and put them towards better business productivity. 

We can also give your internal SAP managers a hand with their activities. This lets us and them get more done with your SAP modules.

SAP Application Management


What is AMS in SAP?

AMS in SAP stands for application managed services. It is a strategic approach where a business partners with specialized IT service providers who manage, maintain, and optimize their SAP systems.

This collaboration allows businesses to focus on their core functions while experts handle the complexities of SAP management. A good SAP AMS partner will also take the time to understand the business’s unique objective and align their services accordingly.

How Do SAP AMS Services Work?

SAP AMS services operate through a structured 4-phase process. 

  1. Transition Phase: The provider takes over the management of the SAP system.
  2. Operations Phase: The provider ensures the system continuously runs smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Optimization Phase: Based on their monitoring, the provider identifies and addresses areas to enhance system performance.
  4. Innovation Phase: The provider integrates new technologies and solutions to keep the system updated and in line with the latest industry standards.

What Are The Different SAP AMS Models?

There are different SAP AMS support models designed to cater to varying business needs and operational demands. Here are the primary models:

  • One Region for All: centralized AMS services from one region.
  • In Region, for Region: services provided from the client’s operational region.
  • Follow the Sun: 24/7 support by rotating services across global locations.

iT2 primarily works within the In Region, For Region model. Talk to us if you need to adjust your services for any reason.

How Will SAP AMS Maximize My ROI?

SAP AMS maximizes your ROI by ensuring consistent system operations and letting your internal team focus on your core business activities.

These combined benefits lead to increased productivity, reduced expenses, and the opportunity to explore new revenue avenues. It also significantly reduces your overhead costs on hiring additional in-house SAP managers.

What’s The Difference Between SAP Application Managed Services & SAP Managed Services?

SAP application managed services (AMS) oversee and optimize the applications within your SAP system. On the other hand, SAP managed services focus on your entire SAP landscape, including infrastructure and applications.

There are pros and cons to either model. While an SAP MSP watches over a wider range, AMS zeroes in on every application to ensure each one runs effectively and isn’t in need of any enhancements.

Discover All That iT2’s SAP AMS Has to Offer

This page only previewed everything that we can do. Reach out to learn more about our SAP AMS services.

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  • Future-proof your SAP environment with continuous updates and proactive management.
  • Minimize consultant mismatch risks with iT2’s guarantee.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your SAP AMS partner has had over 948 successful engagements.
  • Get application managed services from a firm with a full focus on SAP and who is active in the SAP community:ASUG Member, SAPinsider, etc.
  • Choose the services you need without paying for what you don’t by using 1 of our 7 service models.

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