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iT2’s reliable SAP staffing solutions are delivered quickly. So, you can reap more benefits from your SAP solution in less time.

Get the Right People the First Time With iT2’s SAP Staffing aka SAP Staff Augmentation

iT Services 2 (iT2) is dedicated to catering an SAP solution to your business needs. Trust us to find the right consultants on our first try.

What separates iT Services 2 from other SAP staffing companies?

  • Maximize your SAP ROI with consultants that focus on understanding how to make your SAP system work best for your business
  • Efficient and effective SAP Consultants – with 30+ years of SAP consulting, we have a broad vetted network
  • Get full-spectrum SAP support from leading SAP experts with 10 years of experience or more
  • Onboard SAP FTEs with a 30-day guarantee for full-time direct placement hires
  • Find local SAP experts so you can collaborate with in the US timezone and without communication impediments
  • Work with the consultants you like as long as you need them with the option to re-engage SAP consultants and potentially bring them on as in-house employees, if mutually agree

Locked within your SAP ERP and SAP Software Solutions is great potential. Yet, too many businesses miss out on these opportunities.

iT Services 2’s SAP ERP staffing solutions outfit your organization with leading consultants that can unlock SAP’s full potential.


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Clients Benefit From Our SAP Staff Augmentation Services

iT2’s Leading SAP Staffing Services

SAP Staffing

Discover the full benefits of your SAP ERP with the help of leading experts that can manage all aspects of your SAP.

SAP Staff Augmentation

Get a long-term SAP consultant and ensure your organization continuously makes the most of your ERP.

SAP Training

Bolster your team’s SAP knowledge with training delivered by experienced SAP specialists.

Project Management

Let our SAP project experts fully take charge of any one-off SAP project so you can focus on expanding your business.

Consulting Services

Transform your business with consulting services that can design a comprehensive, fully-optimized SAP ERP plan.

Project Assessment

Embark on your next SAP project with confidence by letting us ensure risk mitigation with project assessments.

Post-Project Support

Maximize each project’s efficiency by utilizing our post-project support to ensure its ongoing success. (Remote Services COE or AMS)

Remote Services

Collaborate with industry-specific, local consultants remotely for hybrid and work-from-home environments.

Consultant Vetting

Leverage our team’s SAP knowledge, experience, and industry connections to consistently find the right consultants for your business.

Businesses Who Trust Us Over Other SAP Staff Augmentation Companies in the USA


Successful client engagements


Years of combined SAP experience


Years in business supporting SAP clients


Day guarantee for full-time direct hire placements

Solve Your SAP Frustrations

Save your team from struggling to understand your business’s SAP.

Work with leading consultants and start getting the most out of your ERP system

Why We Stand Out from Other SAP Staffing Companies in the USA?

SAP Staff Augmentation

Eliminate Risk With Contract Guarantees

Bringing on new consultants can be daunting. After all, you can’t be sure how successful they’ll be until they arrive.

Unlike other SAP staffing agencies, we are so confident in the abilities of our consultants and full-time direct hire candidates. For our consulting clients we offer a first week guarantee; and

we offer a 30-day guarantee to a six-month prorated guarantee on full-time direct hire placements. We aim to instill confidence in our clients that we’re building long-term, successful relationships.

A Leader Among SAP Staffing Companies in the USA Providing Flexible Packages

Your business is unique, and therefore deserves a consulting and staffing package that is tailored to meet your needs – not drain resources by selling you on superfluous, needless services.

That’s why we provide a variety of package levels so you can find the one that suits your business and addresses every one of your needs.

Too many SAP staffing companies lock in clients with tight contracts. Instead, we’re focused on flexibility, so we can continuously earn your trust.

SAP Staff Augmentation Companies in the USA

Get the Solution to All Your SAP Staffing Needs

Work with industry leaders that can help your business maximize the value of its SAP 

Why contact us?

  • Leverage superior SAP project support with both short- and long-term consulting/staffing options
  • Train your staff to take full advantage of all your ERP has to offer by letting us provide comprehensive training
  • Work with your consultant as long as you need them, from short-term projects to full-time hires
  • Build a consulting package that works best for your business, ensuring no penny is wasted
  • Benefit from contract/direct hire guarantees that gives you peace of mind that your consultants are up to the task of supporting your business

Ready to take your SAP to the next level? Or just need project support?
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