Of all the habits that Americans picked up during the chaotic conditions of 2020, which ones are truly here to stay? The increasing remote job opportunities appears to be game-changer – in a massive way.

The chart below shows 8 industries where remote job postings grew significantly from May 2020 to May 2021. “These sectors have the highest concentration of remote, paid job listing on LinkedIn in the U.S. Their growth rates since May 2020 range from 3.7x to 10.8X.” The second closest to the top is Software & IT Services.

Not every industry is embracing remote work so fearlessly. LinkedIn data shows that remote opportunities still represent less than 5% of all job posts in industries such as transportation, design, manufacturing, and consumer goods. In turn, the increasing remote job offerings are making it difficult for companies who do not provide a “100% remote” model to find the talent they are looking for. In fact, companies are losing employees left and right to remote job opportunities with other companies. What does this look like for the future of the IT Services Industry? It’s hard to say if the rise of remote work will be a lasting trend or short lived, but it’s proving to be beneficial to some companies and a burden to others.

Facts obtained from: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/employers-catch-remote-job-posts-rise-457-tech-media-lead-anders/?trackingId=FdLKmUAJRXKEro1%2BXdLAvg%3D%3D