SAP SAC stands for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), and is a business intelligence solution that’s part of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) family of products. It is a cloud-based, Service as a Solution (SaaS) that brings together business intelligence, predictive analytics, augmented analytics.

“SAP Analytics for Cloud is a user-friendly platform that gives organizations greater control over their data and enables more meaningful data insights by leveraging AI technologies.”

 Lynne McGrew, CEO & President, iT Services 2

To fully understand what SAP SAC is and how it can improve your business, keep reading. We’re going to explain what it is, where it can fit in your digital ecosystem, and why companies in over 75 countries have come to rely on it.

Understand the Potential of SAP SAC for Business Decision Excellence

Data generation is increasing exponentially. Nearly 329 million terabytes were generated each day in 2023, and that number will rise in the coming years. For businesses, having to sift through and interpret these exploding amounts of data cannot be done without advanced analytical tools and solutions.

This is where SAP Analytics for Cloud comes in. SAP SAC enables the effective management of the growing volumes of data company’s generate and allows teams to glean meaningful insights from that information rather than getting bogged down and misled by it.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, organizations can:

  • Make quick and flexible decisions. SAP SAC combines planning and analysis tools and allows teams to test scenarios and automatically generate plans in one experience.
  • Understand key data on a deeper level and be able to take action on those insights faster and more efficiently.
  • Enable advanced data analytics on their terms. SAP SAC connects to a variety of on-premise and cloud SAP environments as well as non-SAP systems.

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5 Core Features SAP Analytical for Cloud

The features of SAP Analytics for Cloud are designed to enhance decision-making through its diverse range of features, tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Five of the platforms key features include:

1. Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

SAP Analytics for Cloud provides powerful BI tools, enabling users to transform raw data into insightful and actionable information. These tools are not only intuitive but also highly adaptable, catering to various business requirements.

Furthermore, the platform’s advanced analytics capabilities facilitate deeper data exploration, allowing businesses to uncover hidden trends and make data-driven decisions using predictive analysis tools that allow teams to visualize scenarios before implementation.

2. Enterprise Planning

Enhance cloud and on-prem ERP capabilities with SAP SAC. It comes embedded in SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors, and can be easily integrated into other SAP and non-SAP solutions. Customize as needed or choose from pre-built content packages to realize faster time-to-value.

With SAP SAC, linking financial and operational data together to allow organizations to:

  • Marry financial and operational plans in one solution to enhance better business decisions
  • Use machine learning and predictive analytics tools to anticipate impending business needs
  • Collaborate with teams easily with dashboards that are easy to read, share, build, and edit

What is SAP Analytics Cloud
Source: SAP

3. Composable Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud’s Composable Analytics enables quick, user-friendly customization of analytics applications, from basic analytics to advanced planning. It’s designed to meet diverse business needs, integrating business intelligence, augmented and predictive analytics, and planning with custom widgets for rich, functional applications. 

This approach empowers users with low-code/no-code options, focusing on business-centric solutions and boosting developer productivity with reusable widgets, flexible APIs, and open connectors.

4. Prebuilt Business Content

SAP Analytics Cloud offers prebuilt business content packages, providing a quick and efficient starting point for analytics and planning projects. These customizable packages are designed to integrate seamlessly with recommended SAP data sources, simplifying the setup for various business scenarios. 

Users benefit from industry best practices developed by SAP business process experts, ensuring high-quality analytics and planning approaches. The rapid setup is facilitated by detailed documentation of KPIs, models, and data flows, with options for sample data or live connections. 

Additionally, the Analytics catalog in SAP Analytics Cloud unifies access to all analytics content, including prebuilt packages, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite, and third-party solutions, all accessible from the home page.

5. Generative AI

Enable on-demand access to insights, foster more accurate planning, and support faster, data-driven decision-making with generative AI capability in your analytical toolkit. 

This technology is available through SAP SAC and is transforming how organizations leverage their data, examples its transformational prowess include:

  • Gain auto-generated visualizations and insights
  • Explore numerous future scenarios, leading to more precise forecasts and plans
  • Rapidly create personalized, rich content at scale without in-depth IT knowledge
  • Enhance data modeling during preparation, improving overall data quality.
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What are the Key Benefits of Using SAP Analytical Cloud?

This cloud-native platform integrates analytics, planning, and predictive capabilities, enabling businesses to harness real-time insights for faster, more informed decisions. But that’s not all. Its user-friendly interface and augmented analytics, SAC democratizes data access, enabling users of all skill levels to engage with data in a meaningful way.

SAP Analytics Cloud FeatureReal-World Benefit
Real-Time Data AccessEnables immediate decision-making with up-to-date information.
User-Friendly InterfaceSimplifies data analysis for all users, regardless of technical expertise.
Integrated BI & PlanningCombines analytics and planning for a unified decision-making process.
Advanced Predictive AnalyticsEmploys AI and ML for accurate forecasting and scenario modeling.
Seamless Data IntegrationIntegrates easily with both SAP and non-SAP data sources.
Augmented AnalyticsOffers interactive data engagement and automated insights discovery.
Efficient Data ModelingSimplifies the creation and validation of data models.
Collaboration FeaturesEnhances teamwork with shared insights and cooperative planning.

SAP Analytics for Cloud – Resolve SAP BI End of Life Woes 

The transition from traditional SAP BI solutions to SAC is particularly significant as companies prepare for the end of life of SAP BI. 

SAC not only offers a seamless migration path but also enhances and refines the existing data models and business logic, ensuring higher accuracy and precision in insights. To make this transition smooth and successful, speak with SAP consultants.

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