The BTP in SAP BTP stands for business technology platform . It’s a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering that centralizes your SAP applications and data. This approach makes it much easier to allow people across departments to access the same information. However, that’s only the beginning of what you can do with SAP BTP’s services .

SAP BTP is not just a platform—it’s a catalyst that unlocks potential, drives innovation, and accelerates digital transformation. – Sridevi Gopal, BTP Cloud Integration Consultant, iT Services 2 (iT2)

SAP BTP supports both cloud and on-premise deployment models. This means that businesses who store their data in either location can take advantage of what SAP’s business technology platform has to offer.

To find out more about what BTP can do, read on. We’ll give you a quick overview of the platform and how it can enhance your business processes . 

What Comes With SAP BTP?

SAP BTP comes with its own pre packed business applications . It also seamlessly integrates with other SAP applications that you happen to be using. Here is a list of what comes with SAP BTP. Please note that not every application will be available with every tier. 

SAP Integration Suite

The Integration Suite is a toolkit designed to connect different systems in your environment. These systems can either be from SAP or another third-party. It also provides cloud integration, API management, and event-driven messaging features. 

SAP Extension Suite

The Extension Suite allows you to modify and improve your SAP applications as you see fit. This way, you can easily adjust your SAP solution to fit your business needs or change it later if your needs change. 

SAP Analytics Cloud

The Analytics Cloud is a comprehensive platform that helps you visualize data and create meaningful reports. It includes self-service tools that you can use to explore your data, link financial and operational plans, and customize dashboards. You can then embed your analytics into your existing business applications so that you can immediately act upon your insights.

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Database and Data Management Analytics

The database that comes with BTP is SAP S/4HANA . That’s because S/4HANA is a bit like the Swiss Army Knife of data management. It includes advanced analytics features, real-time replication, multimodal data, and seamless integration all in one place. S/4HANA also uses RAM instead of hard drives for data processing, which significantly increases processing speed.

Application Development & Operations

SAP BTP offers a complete environment for application development, testing, and deployment. This includes a set of DevOps capabilities to streamline the entire application lifecycle. Developers can leverage these tools to build, test, and deploy applications efficiently and effectively.

What is SAP BTP ABAP ?

If you’re exploring BTP, you’ve likely encountered the acronym SAP BTP ABAP . This is a platform within BTP geared towards SAP developers who write in ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming). 

This platform lets developers write and run their own SAP-integrated applications without having to manage their own servers or infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

BTP comes with SAP’s own AI and machine learning (ML) technologies. This includes:

  • SAP AI Business Services , which offer pre-built AI and ML capabilities that can be integrated with your applications
  • SAP Conversational AI to help you build and deploy intelligent chatbots

Why Use SAP BTP Services?

The benefits of SAP BTP go beyond offering a centralized platform. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider using SAP BTP.

The Intelligent Enterprise Framework

As part of the Intelligent Enterprise Framework, SAP BTP is divided into 4 segments that each have their own unique value propositions. These 4 propositions are:

  1. Accelerating your move to the cloud
  2. Keeping the core software clean
  3. Optimizing and automating business processes
  4. Driving decisions based on data

The Intelligent Framework lets you pick and choose which features to add based on which of these value propositions are most relevant to your business. This offers a level of flexibility not seen with many other ERP solutions.

SAP BTP Services
Source: SAP

Open API

SAP BTP is an Open API platform . This helps you facilitate the creation of specialized applications that can be seamlessly integrated with your core SAP engine. That’s because Open APIs provide a set of protocols that dictate how software components should interact. 

This set of protocols lets developers create applications that can communicate directly with your SAP engine without any additional integration efforts.

It’s a Profitable Investment

A recent IDC Business Value study estimates that businesses that leverage SAP BTP can expect a 495% 3-year ROI . That’s a big promise, but here’s how BTP can back it up:

  • Productivity increases thanks to a simple user experience and automated processes
  • Easy data visualization improves decision making leading to better strategies and potentially more revenue
  • Prebuilt business content provides quick and easy starting points for analytics and planning scenarios
  • Niche applications can be deployed and utilized faster so they can start benefiting business sooner

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Get The Right SAP BTP Services From The Right Consultants

Deciding to add SAP business technology platform (SAP BTP) to your workflow is only step one. You also need to decide which subscription package, payment tier, and relevant additional add-ons are right for you. This can take a lot of time and research, and comes with the risk of wasted investment on the wrong decision.

That is where an expert SAP consultant can help. Consulting one can significantly improve your SAP BTP experience, especially if you’re new to the platform.

iT Services 2 is an SAP consulting firm that’s dedicated to pairing the right consultants with the right businesses. We’re focused on giving you the best help on our first try, so we’ll take our time getting to know your business so we can set you up for success.

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